Sunday night tv : matt "The bear" and "Le Corniaud"

You don’t know what to watch tonight ? The Drafting of AlloCiné shows you the movies and series on tv. In the program : a cult film by Jean-Jacques Annaud, a road-trip with De Funès and Bourvil, and adaptation failed. “Helped subdue” The bear Jean-Jacques Annaud, with Tchéky Karyo, Jack Wallace (TF1 Series, Movies, 20h55) : “No need to take a close interest in the life of the bear to fall under the charm of this cult film signed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. The film lurches from one side wildlife documentary ultra rigorous, showing the life of these animals in the most authentic way possible, and a fiction involved with real stakes drama. In short, (re)discover this masterpiece that has not taken a ride and that will appeal to young and old alike. But be careful, there are sad times !” Laurent Schenck, The Corniaud trailer out 2015 VF Le Corniaud by Gérard Oury with Louis de Funès, Bourvil (France 2, 21h05) : “The Corniaud, Gérard Oury, marks the first major collaboration between two monstres sacrés of French comedy : Bourvil, the eternal fool, and Louis de Funès, incomparable here in the skin of the playful gangster. Their chemistry is perfect. This road movie of the 60’s, we stroll along the mediterranean coast, offers a lot of moments of hilarious fun between the 2CV, which ends in spare parts, replicas cults, repairs unlikely and the sequence of the shower with a de Funès, who compares his height to that of a hefty. That’s happiness !” Pascal Muscarnera “Permit zapper” John Carter trailer VO John Carter by Andrew Stanton with Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins (W9, 21) : “Adapted from Edgar Rice Burroughs by the father of WALL-E, the film had everything to be the Avatar of 2012. At least on paper, because on screen the feature film (which has done VERY poorly in the accounts of Disney) offers a visual universe little innovative, a scenario without interest, and a hero totally tasteless. What a pity…” Yoann Sardet “Permitted to speak” And otherwise, among all the movies that are coming this evening, what is your favorite ? What are you going to watch this Sunday 03 march ? To find all programs, go directly to the grid by clicking here.

Dubbing/subtitling : Jumanji, Cro Man and Counterpart awarded during the 8th edition of the awards ATAA


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Skam France : season 4 to the height of the previous one ? We have seen the first few episodes
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Guillaume Canet relies on the result of the Small Handkerchiefs, We will end up together

Has the poster next Wednesday for “Double Lives” by Olivier Assayas, Guillaume Canet has agreed to tell us more about “We’ll finish together”, the highly anticipated sequel to “Little Handkerchiefs”. Busy year in prospect for Guillaume Canet : expected as early as next Wednesday in Double Lives, the new film by Olivier Assayas, the actor is also announced in the new film of Nicolas Bedos, The Beautiful era, and the first feature film by Edouard Bergeon, On behalf of the earth. Not forgetting We will end up together, the result of the Small handkerchiefs, Guillaume Canet, has ensured the scenario (with Rodolphe Lauga) and the completion, with a release scheduled for the 1st may next. 9 years after the release of the first component, which recorded 5.5 million entries, this sequel will obviously be particularly expected. On the occasion of the promotion of Double lives, we asked Guillaume Canet we reveal, for the first time, a small taste of the film : “I put a very, very long time to agree to do a sequel. Initially, I was not at all in this idea. This is me, my evolution in my age, in my friendships, I realized that friendships are changing too, and they change based on what we saw. Sometimes we change of partner, of partner, of life, because we have children, because it does not have the same priorities. Friendships change and you don’t see people the same way. Ca is also sometimes more truths to say.” And to add : “compared to the Smaller tissues where it was not necessarily the truth, there we can say more easily to a friend than it is more, or that if it is, it will end up really together. These are caps of life where you say ‘it is not because we have been friend for 20 years we are going to stay’. Ca raises a lot of things. Of the few people to whom I have already shown the film, people are very happy to find them. We are very happy to find the band, see what they have become. For some, they have aged, they have children. I took a lot of pleasure to find them in any case. There’s a lot of comedy, a lot of emotion also.” In the meantime, Guillaume Canet, will be on display this Wednesday, of Double Lives. Our meeting with the team : Double lives : meeting with Guillaume Canet, Nora Hamzawi, Vincent Macaigne and Olivier Assayas

My Hero Academia : the film’s Two Heroes in the cinema, back on the manga phenomenon
Under the skin : what is the mini-series of France 3 with Anne Marivin, Nicolas Gob ?

A Perfect Man : we saw the movie clash of France 2 with Odile Vuillemin

Exploiting the theme of difficult and delicate of incest on minors, A Perfect Man manages to deliver a copy of the proper scope, by a convincing Odile Vuillemin. ©Julien Cauvin what is it about ? Adaptation of the novel, Mathieu Menegaux, A Perfect Man paints the painful story of a mother who discovers that her husband is abusing her two daughters. She will then attempt to make their voices heard in the justice that under this perfect man is hiding a face even more dark and shameful. It is with that ? In the role of Daphne, one finds Odile Vuillemin. She was already illustrated in the telefilm societal Sway with Fred Testot where she played the role of a battered woman who eventually murdered her husband. The father incest, Maximus, is required by Loïc Corbery, seen especially in Delphine De Vigan (Sure) or recently with Wim Wenders (Submergence). Finally her parents are played by Frédérique Tirmont (The Intern, Falco, Nina,…) and Didier Flamand (Captain Marleau, A chance too,…). ©Julien Cauvin Ca is worth a look ? With A Perfect Man , France 2 discusses the violence incestuous on minors. A serious matter, heavy and not easy to put it in motion. The first images set the tone, just disturbed by a slick sound too pressed. A shame, because there plays a ” violent, raw but devoid of any effect too voyeuristic or putassier and holding the right distance to suggest the unthinkable.
Maxime and Daphne had the perfect life. A beautiful modern house with a large garden, two professional situations that is comfortable and allow them to flourish (maybe a little less of Daphne who must be away from his family a few days per week). A life idyllic that comes first slightly counteract the lies of Claire. Up until the moment where a few words written on a piece of paper is going to change everything.

With an economy of means and form, telefilm will gradually switch from the horror of the discovery to the struggle of a mother to make her voice heard. Because Daphne comes up against the rigidity of a judicial system all too often unable to deal with these cases, errors of physical evidence. It is the coldness often relentless, impersonal, and devoid of a sense of justice necessarily blind, but that heightens the impression of not being heard, listened to or even understood. We think The right of way , telefilm aired in 2015 on TF1 already with Odile Vuillemin, and which addressed the issue of domestic violence that pushed the young woman to kill her abusive husband. Same way to treat the constraints and limitations of the cover judicial. A Perfect Man would have been able to last a little longer for better appear the perdition of Daphne, sinking in distress, and resigned, but this treatment on the bone also allows him to get out of an emotion to flower of skin, without surdramatiser situations which do not have such needs. ©Julien Cauvin

The telefilm is willingly crushed by its subject. As if the authors (Dominique Garnier and Francoise Charpiat) and the producer (Didier Bivel) had knowingly turned off their attempts at artistic in order not to divert the attention of the viewer. Everything is very factual, predictable, humble, oscillating very subtly between the representation of raw and pure drama. Odile Vuillemin embodies this duality, where his game can be very naturalistic and fired in an excess amount of any controlled. The actress shows again that she excels in his portraits to complex with a descent doloriste.

The television has a real role to play when it takes issues of society strong. Because it affects a large number of people, these fictions are used to start discussions or raise awareness of important issues. A position that has perfectly captured the daily agenda where there are regularly topics deemed to be sensitive (or ” clivantes “) : homosexual marriage, pregnancy, adolescent, attention, or elections. This is also the case of the unitarians, sometimes become wrongly abandoned a tv that is serializes. With A Perfect Man , France 2 seeks to address a serious subject matter, yet too often remains taboo on the screens. And she does it well. Just and sober.

Plus belle la vie : what you can expect in the episode 3753 Wednesday 13 march 2019 [SPOILERS]
Of the musical Chicago to Kepler(s)… Sofia Essaïdi, a multifaceted artist

What is it again God ? – already more than 2 million spectators !

The comedy “what is it again God ?” drew more than 2.1 million viewers for its first week of operation. Nearly 500 000 people, more than the first film. The Covenant / UGC Distribution / Warner Bros. France Start with a bang for what it has already done to the Good God ? With more than 2.1 million spectators at the appointment, the comedy led by Christian clavier and Chantal Lauby makes a better first week than the first film, released in theaters five years ago and which had amounted to $ 1.38 million entries. It should be noted that the figures of what it has already done to the Good God ? include those sessions event preview the 1st January last. Box-office France from 30 January to 5 February 2019 : the Top 10 Rank (previous Rank)FilmEntréesCumul1 (New ) what it has already done to the Good God ? 2 153 093 2 153 093 2 (1) The Mule 437 908 1 097 907 3 (New) a Tiny 2 – The Mandibles of the End of the World 257 867 257 867 4 (3rd) Green Book : On the roads of the south 247 197 535 974 5 (2nd) Glass 178 365 1 025 745 6 (4e) Invisible 152 424 1 082 588 7 (5e) Creed II 120 383 1 623 770 8 (7e) The Incredible story of the Postman Cheval 115 207 550 759 9 (6th) Yao 95 961 281 525 10 (8th) Edmond 68 201 595 601 Necessarily very far behind, The Mule continues its attractive career in cinemas. The feature film, and with Clint Eastwood meets almost 438 000 spectators for a total already easily beyond the symbolic threshold of one million entries. The third step of the podium is occupied by the animated film Minuscule 2 – The Mandibles of the End of the World , which attracts nearly 258 000 viewers for its first week of operation, a score lower than the first opus (392 852 entries). In the rest of the ranking, note the shooting of a group of films millionaires in genres completely different. Come and cross this symbolic mark on the Glass of M. Night Shyamalan and the comedy The Invisible , while Creed II is already much further with its 1.6 million tickets sold. What is it again God ? : where will there be the sons-in-law and the beautiful girls after the movie ? See the slideshow Slideshow That'is what'it was yet the good god : where will there be the sons-in-law and the beautiful girls after the movie ? 8 photos (*)Source : CBO Box-office

By the way… what is a Jump Force ?
Sorties ciné : La Grande Aventure Lego 2, Destroyer, The Fall of the american Empire… The international films of the week

Supernatural : Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles want to resolve a subplot left hanging

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, the two main actors of “Supernatural”, wishing to resolve a subplot of the series left unresolved. Dean Buscher/The CW See you back there one day Adam, the half-brother of Sam and Dean in the series CW Supernatural ? Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, the two main actors of the fantasy series, would in any case delighted that the character, played by Jake Abel and more seen on the screen (outside of flashbacks) since the season 5, is back. Supernatural : we know how Jeffrey Dean Morgan will come back [SPOILERS] In November, on a red carpet, celebrating the 300th episode of Supernatural to come, the site referred to the character of Adam, wondering what he was doing in the cage of Lucifer where have abandoned his half-brothers. “I don’t know,” replies Jensen Ackles. “I would like to ask him. (…) It is a point that needs to be addressed, it should be. We’ll see.” And Jared Padalecki added : “This is a good question. I would do anything for Jake Abel to return. He is a good friend, an amazing actor and an extraordinary man. I would do anything to work with him again.” The airing of the episode 300 of Supernaural, called Lebanon, is scheduled for February 7 at the antenna of the CW, and then the next day in France on Club Series. Adam will there be a part ? Supernatural : the actors before and after ! See the slideshow Slideshow Supernatural : The actors before and after ! 14 photos

The best 3 films of the week according to the press (20.02.2019)

To help you make your choice, here are the 3 movies of the week best rated by the press on AlloCiné ! 1 : Thanks be to God average Rating press* : 4.2 / 5 by the Grace of God By François Ozon average Rating of the press : 4,1 Sessions Critical Press Critical spectators
“Through on the news, François Ozon sign of both a great political film, prompting major questions of society, and a portrait very fair to men, fragile but never weak. “By Pierre Charpilloz (Bande à part) “” François Ozon sign one of his best films in a long time with this drama in three movements, conducted as a thrilling film investigation of a real intelligence in the writing and point of view. “By Geoffrey Crété (Wide Screen) 2nd :” matters Little to me if History considers us barbarians “average Rating press* : 3.8 / 5″ Little m'whether'History views us as barbarians ” By Radu Jude average Rating of the press : 3,8 Sessions Critical Press Critical spectators

“In a brechtian, reflective and extremely subtle, Radu Jude floor of his film, multiple levels, which reflect in the mirror. “By Ariel Schweitzer (Cahiers du Cinema)
“A crime perpetrated by the Romanian army during the Second world War, recounted in a narrative that is subtly put in abyme. A reflection very strong on history and its remnants in the present. “By Gérard Lefort (Les Inrockuptibles) 3rd : The Fall of the american Empire average Rating press* : 3.5 / 5 The Fall of the american Empire By Denys Arcand average Rating of the press : 3,5 Sessions Critical Press Critical spectators

“After two hours of true entertainment adventure and emotion, impeccably performed, can be sensed the pleasure of the director to play with the codes of the cinema and to film his actors.” by Jean-Claude Raspiengeas (The Cross )
“A mixture of thriller, comedy and social drama for the purposes of a political satire of the highest caliber.” by Vincent Ostria (Humanity) * According to notes media barometer-AlloCiné, on the date of Friday, February 22, 2019, and for movies released February 20, with at least 10 reviews.