Grey’s Anatomy : that thought the american press of the series at its launch ?

While “Grey’s Anatomy” party this Thursday 332e episode, making it the series medical of prime-time’s longest story, return of the critical press that is harvested in its early stages. Were they as good as we imagine it today ? According to the New York Post : “This is one of those rare series that arrive at the antenna fully formed, as if all the people involved in front of and behind the camera working together since always (…) The distribution of young and charismatic has a lot to do in the effectiveness of the show, but I suspect it is also the sum of several elements -the writing, the direction, the editing, the soundtrack is sensational – that make make obsolete all of the series previous medical.” 4/5

According to the New York Times : “at the time of Desperate Housewives, and Newport Beach, it is refreshing to watch a series in which the heroines do not have to suction main to find love but to find meaning in their profession and not to be afraid of sex without strings attached.” 4/5

According to the Kansas City Star : “If Grey’s Anatomy is not able, shortly, to become the new Emergency, it is because it is overproduced. It is necessary to do with the musical passages to you tirailler the heart on scenes light hyper contemplative, ( … ), But the writing and the acting, although they are not astonishing, have helped me to move on.” 3,5/5

According to the Los Angeles Times : “The start-up is promising, even if it is necessary for it to accept the sudden intrusion of a song gloomy way Counting Crows or the feeling that Sarah Jessica Parker, voice-over, wonders if she has what it takes to become a good surgeon.” 3,5/5

According to Variety : “no one will forget the Er because of it, but the mixture of a distribution to the young, the dialogues are crispy, romance, the workplace Darwinian where you must fight to survive, and situations of life or death, makes the series compelling and watchable despite its appearance of being too familiar.” 3/5

According to People Weekly : “there are things successful, including the excellent performance of Pompeo and the relationship is surprisingly touching between Meredith and her mother, a surgeon and renowned. But to deserve our full attention, Grey’s Anatomy is going to have to be smarter than that.” 2,5/5

According to Slate : “This series is going to need a d√©fibrilateur in the chest if she wants to survive this first season (…) The organ that works the best in Grey’s Anatomy, Sandra Oh, and her delicious delivery quick-tempered and sullen.” 1,5/5

According to the Washington Post : “This series is more a business calculation than an honest attempt to offer something fresh and different (…) It is as much “a new series” the monster of Dr. Frankenstein was “a new man”.” 1/5

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