Guillaume Canet relies on the result of the Small Handkerchiefs, We will end up together

Has the poster next Wednesday for “Double Lives” by Olivier Assayas, Guillaume Canet has agreed to tell us more about “We’ll finish together”, the highly anticipated sequel to “Little Handkerchiefs”. Busy year in prospect for Guillaume Canet : expected as early as next Wednesday in Double Lives, the new film by Olivier Assayas, the actor is also announced in the new film of Nicolas Bedos, The Beautiful era, and the first feature film by Edouard Bergeon, On behalf of the earth. Not forgetting We will end up together, the result of the Small handkerchiefs, Guillaume Canet, has ensured the scenario (with Rodolphe Lauga) and the completion, with a release scheduled for the 1st may next. 9 years after the release of the first component, which recorded 5.5 million entries, this sequel will obviously be particularly expected. On the occasion of the promotion of Double lives, we asked Guillaume Canet we reveal, for the first time, a small taste of the film : “I put a very, very long time to agree to do a sequel. Initially, I was not at all in this idea. This is me, my evolution in my age, in my friendships, I realized that friendships are changing too, and they change based on what we saw. Sometimes we change of partner, of partner, of life, because we have children, because it does not have the same priorities. Friendships change and you don’t see people the same way. Ca is also sometimes more truths to say.” And to add : “compared to the Smaller tissues where it was not necessarily the truth, there we can say more easily to a friend than it is more, or that if it is, it will end up really together. These are caps of life where you say ‘it is not because we have been friend for 20 years we are going to stay’. Ca raises a lot of things. Of the few people to whom I have already shown the film, people are very happy to find them. We are very happy to find the band, see what they have become. For some, they have aged, they have children. I took a lot of pleasure to find them in any case. There’s a lot of comedy, a lot of emotion also.” In the meantime, Guillaume Canet, will be on display this Wednesday, of Double Lives. Our meeting with the team : Double lives : meeting with Guillaume Canet, Nora Hamzawi, Vincent Macaigne and Olivier Assayas

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