A Perfect Man : we saw the movie clash of France 2 with Odile Vuillemin

Exploiting the theme of difficult and delicate of incest on minors, A Perfect Man manages to deliver a copy of the proper scope, by a convincing Odile Vuillemin. ©Julien Cauvin what is it about ? Adaptation of the novel, Mathieu Menegaux, A Perfect Man paints the painful story of a mother who discovers that her husband is abusing her two daughters. She will then attempt to make their voices heard in the justice that under this perfect man is hiding a face even more dark and shameful. It is with that ? In the role of Daphne, one finds Odile Vuillemin. She was already illustrated in the telefilm societal Sway with Fred Testot where she played the role of a battered woman who eventually murdered her husband. The father incest, Maximus, is required by Loïc Corbery, seen especially in Delphine De Vigan (Sure) or recently with Wim Wenders (Submergence). Finally her parents are played by Frédérique Tirmont (The Intern, Falco, Nina,…) and Didier Flamand (Captain Marleau, A chance too,…). ©Julien Cauvin Ca is worth a look ? With A Perfect Man , France 2 discusses the violence incestuous on minors. A serious matter, heavy and not easy to put it in motion. The first images set the tone, just disturbed by a slick sound too pressed. A shame, because there plays a ” violent, raw but devoid of any effect too voyeuristic or putassier and holding the right distance to suggest the unthinkable.
Maxime and Daphne had the perfect life. A beautiful modern house with a large garden, two professional situations that is comfortable and allow them to flourish (maybe a little less of Daphne who must be away from his family a few days per week). A life idyllic that comes first slightly counteract the lies of Claire. Up until the moment where a few words written on a piece of paper is going to change everything.

With an economy of means and form, telefilm will gradually switch from the horror of the discovery to the struggle of a mother to make her voice heard. Because Daphne comes up against the rigidity of a judicial system all too often unable to deal with these cases, errors of physical evidence. It is the coldness often relentless, impersonal, and devoid of a sense of justice necessarily blind, but that heightens the impression of not being heard, listened to or even understood. We think The right of way , telefilm aired in 2015 on TF1 already with Odile Vuillemin, and which addressed the issue of domestic violence that pushed the young woman to kill her abusive husband. Same way to treat the constraints and limitations of the cover judicial. A Perfect Man would have been able to last a little longer for better appear the perdition of Daphne, sinking in distress, and resigned, but this treatment on the bone also allows him to get out of an emotion to flower of skin, without surdramatiser situations which do not have such needs. ©Julien Cauvin

The telefilm is willingly crushed by its subject. As if the authors (Dominique Garnier and Francoise Charpiat) and the producer (Didier Bivel) had knowingly turned off their attempts at artistic in order not to divert the attention of the viewer. Everything is very factual, predictable, humble, oscillating very subtly between the representation of raw and pure drama. Odile Vuillemin embodies this duality, where his game can be very naturalistic and fired in an excess amount of any controlled. The actress shows again that she excels in his portraits to complex with a descent doloriste.

The television has a real role to play when it takes issues of society strong. Because it affects a large number of people, these fictions are used to start discussions or raise awareness of important issues. A position that has perfectly captured the daily agenda where there are regularly topics deemed to be sensitive (or ” clivantes “) : homosexual marriage, pregnancy, adolescent, attention, or elections. This is also the case of the unitarians, sometimes become wrongly abandoned a tv that is serializes. With A Perfect Man , France 2 seeks to address a serious subject matter, yet too often remains taboo on the screens. And she does it well. Just and sober.

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