The best 3 films of the week according to the press (20.02.2019)

To help you make your choice, here are the 3 movies of the week best rated by the press on AlloCiné ! 1 : Thanks be to God average Rating press* : 4.2 / 5 by the Grace of God By François Ozon average Rating of the press : 4,1 Sessions Critical Press Critical spectators
“Through on the news, François Ozon sign of both a great political film, prompting major questions of society, and a portrait very fair to men, fragile but never weak. “By Pierre Charpilloz (Bande à part) “” François Ozon sign one of his best films in a long time with this drama in three movements, conducted as a thrilling film investigation of a real intelligence in the writing and point of view. “By Geoffrey Crété (Wide Screen) 2nd :” matters Little to me if History considers us barbarians “average Rating press* : 3.8 / 5″ Little m'whether'History views us as barbarians ” By Radu Jude average Rating of the press : 3,8 Sessions Critical Press Critical spectators

“In a brechtian, reflective and extremely subtle, Radu Jude floor of his film, multiple levels, which reflect in the mirror. “By Ariel Schweitzer (Cahiers du Cinema)
“A crime perpetrated by the Romanian army during the Second world War, recounted in a narrative that is subtly put in abyme. A reflection very strong on history and its remnants in the present. “By Gérard Lefort (Les Inrockuptibles) 3rd : The Fall of the american Empire average Rating press* : 3.5 / 5 The Fall of the american Empire By Denys Arcand average Rating of the press : 3,5 Sessions Critical Press Critical spectators

“After two hours of true entertainment adventure and emotion, impeccably performed, can be sensed the pleasure of the director to play with the codes of the cinema and to film his actors.” by Jean-Claude Raspiengeas (The Cross )
“A mixture of thriller, comedy and social drama for the purposes of a political satire of the highest caliber.” by Vincent Ostria (Humanity) * According to notes media barometer-AlloCiné, on the date of Friday, February 22, 2019, and for movies released February 20, with at least 10 reviews.